Foundations of Belief

We are committed to the truth that God is our final authority and that He has spoken through His Son, the Apostles and the Prophets – and this Truth is found in the Christian Scriptures, the inspired communication of God to human beings, understood by us through the illumination of the Holy Spirit. This understanding involves assenting to the truth that God, although distinct from the creation, is nonetheless active within it for His purposes, and that we must act, in expectation, on this reality in our everyday life.

We also affirm that the Church, the Body of Christ, has been in existence without interruption for some 2000 years. CityGate stands in the stream of historic Christianity generally known as Protestant, Reformed, Evangelical and Bible Believing, following what was known and accepted in the primitive church and in the Reformation. Many who claim to be from our own stream of belief in Central Europe, as in many other places, are often very weak, introverted, legalistic and contradictory in their teaching and we question the usefulness of the terms themselves to carry a consensus of meaning. They are used here to express our theological roots rather than the sub-culture that has grown up around them. We do not hold our beliefs out of tradition but out of a conviction that they most comprehensively express the revelation of God.

We seek to be loyal to Christ and His Gospel, faithful to the primacy and authority of the Christian Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, and responsive to the guidance of the historic creeds and teachings rediscovered in the Reformation. We are theologically conservative but believe in active and discerning participation in the culture of our times.

Additionally, we seek to resist the consumer sub-culture of modern evangelicalism that creates a mirror image of the culture around it. We feel alienated by this unnatural separation and are concerned for its rootlessness and disconnection from its history. Like many in our times we are hungry for a God-centred reality and a vision of life that includes all of reality.