The Purpose of God in Creation

A people to know and enjoy Him. God created the universe, and everything in it, out of nothing, by the Word of His power. Having no deficiency in Himself, nor moved by any incompleteness in His joyful selfsufficiency, God was pleased in creation to display His glory out of His desire to share Himself with the redeemed for everlasting joy, from every tribe and tongue and people and nation. God directly created Adam from the dust of the ground and Eve from Adam’s side. Adam and Eve were the historical parents of the entire human race; they were created male and female equally in the image of God, without sin; they were created to glorify their Maker, Ruler, Provider, and Friend by trusting His all-sufficient goodness, admiring His infinite beauty, enjoying His personal fellowship, and obeying His all-wise counsel. In God’s love and wisdom, they were appointed differing and complementary roles in marriage as a type of Christ and the Church. Relationship to God is our great privilege. Life is a privilege to be enjoyed with thankfulness. We rest, knowing in part, but assured we are fully known.