"Not the Way it's Supposed to Be: A Breviary of Sin" - A Review

A Review

1995, Author Cornelius Plantinga, Jr. by Marsh Moyle. This book is a very helpful book on a very difficult subject: Sin.

If you get the doctrine of Sin wrong then you get all the other teachings wrong. In the present times the reality of sin is systematically obscured and denied. A lack of education, psychological problems, bad parenting and other forms of blame shifting make us deny the reality of our own responsibility.

This is a helpful and very practical book. It is deep without being boring or technical. There is also no judgementalism or anger.

It addresses the issues of addiction, idolatry and evil and is at the same time a delight to read. How did he manage it.

Publisher: Eerdmans (USA) 1995, IVP (UK), Mirt (Russia) Porta Libri (Slovak)

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